Wedding Jewellery

Brad Bird

Suite 907 / Level 9 227 Collins Street Melbourne

p: 0418 338 875


Brad Bird may not be well known to the consumer yet, though his designs and creations have been in high demand from retailers and galleries throughout Australia for the past 15 years, often being referred to as "Australia's best CAD Jewellery Designer."

This RMIT Jewellery Design Graduate with 'old school' handcraft and technical training has been a driving force behind Melbourne's evolving industry. Besides designing for other jewellers, Brad has also been sought after privately to create one off commission pieces. His fascination with jewellery's ability to marry artistic craftsmanship with the conceptual challenges of innovative design, Brad Bird set his imagination free with his innovative pieces, thus Brad Bird Melbourne Jewellery was born.

After 15 years in the industry as a designer and jeweller Brad decided to fuse his skills and experience with his aesthetic vision and launch his own jewellery brand.

"I wanted to be able to focus on selling my own designs, to have the opportunity to push the envelope and offer something that little bit different," says Brad.

Brad is deeply inspired by German elements of design; exploring non-traditional styles his pieces are clean, crisp and strong. Each piece is a unique sculptural creation, using elegant lines and unique ideas Brad is set to pioneer the modern design movement.

His pieces are sculpturally crafted out of luxury metals and the highest quality of stones, and are available exclusively through his Melbourne studio. Brad's commitment to dreaming up unique designs is never failing and their elegant simplicity ensures that the individual expression of each client is never overshadowed but instead perfectly enhanced, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.