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904 - 227 Collins Street Melbourne 3000
p: (03) 9670 3451

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With ten years brand heritage TISHE remains one of Australia's leading lights in jewellery design.

Visiting the TISHE studio is a unique experience, Principal Owner Anthony Bates jokes with his clients when they arrive: "As you can see I work very differently compared to most other jewellery stores."

Anthony continues, "I carry very little stock, other than my master models. If money was tied up in stock, then obviously it would be in the company's best interests to move it as fast as possible, but that would be contrary to the clients best interests, which is not what TISHE is abou. I admit I was a little concerned about this approach when we first started, but soon discovered that none of my clients or their referrals desire the 'over the counter' or 'ready to go' type of jewellery. Every project starts with a blank piece of paper and we work from there.

"I have learned that there are never two clients exactly the same, everyone is different and has a distinctive style. That is exactly how I approach every TISHE project," he says.

Anthony explains the name TISHE (pronnounced TISH-A) came about when he was trying to define the qualities that emphasise his business practice and ethics. "I wrote out five words, Time-Integrity-Service-Honesty-Education, that would collectively describe the areas that I strive to excel in with each individual project and the word TISHE was born."

Continually embracing new and exciting technologies TISHE is revolutionising the jewellery industry.

Anybody who has dealt with Anthony at TISHE will know that his unique design capabillities, workmanship quality, attention-to-detail and his continuing passion for excellence speak for themselves in his work.