Wedding Jewellery

Robert Paul

Shop 4, 141 Pacific Highway, Cnr Pacific Highway and Smart Street Charlestown NSW
p: (02) 4943 3403

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For over 30 years, Robert Paul has been part of the jewellery industry starting off as an apprentice during his youth in Sydney. Now settled in Newcastle with a successful business and a De Beers National Award title under his belt, Robert spends his time manufacturing handmade jewellery using different techniques and his creative passion to produce distinctive designs.

Apart from being able to supply traditional and contemporary cuts of diamond and coloured stones, Robert has a particular interest in coloured diamonds and unusual cuts of diamond.
“At Robert Paul we are the only dealer in Australia of three significant cuts of diamond I would rate as high as best in the world,” says Robert. “Using these rare diamonds, we are able to make unique pieces of jewellery to suit any individual taste.”

Robert believes the EightStar Diamond is the world's best light reflecting brilliant cut diamond. The EightStar diamonds are quite rare and take over thirty hours to cut. Robert has an instrument called a firescope that shows if a diamond is leaking light or returning light to the eye, therefore being able to test the performance and brilliance of the diamond.

Robert is also proud to be a dealer of Spirit and Context cut diamonds. The Context diamond is a square diamond with four facets on the top and four on the bottom designed to maximize the amount of light going in and out the top of the diamond. The Spirit diamond is a round version of the Context diamond, however the Spirit diamond has sixteen facets on the top and sixteen on the bottom all equal in size. All three of these diamonds perform exceptionally well under the firescope.

Pay a visit to his store to see these exquisite gems in person or become acquainted with the Robert Paul website to view the extensive photo gallery of Robert’s designs as well as additional information on EightStar, Spirit and Context diamonds.