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P.O. Box 4420 North Rocks NSW
p: (02) 9630 6619
f: (02) 9630 6679

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Blumer GmbH – Manufacturer of fine jewellery – has been creating high quality special pieces for 125 years worldwide. Located in Pforzheim, Germany, Blumer delivers typical German precision combined with style and flair. Today, it is run by a young and dynamic team who have invested in cutting edge technology whilst respecting and continuing to use time-honoured methods of manufacturing.

Blumer means emotions. Their mission is to create jewellery that sets the trends. The most important thing in their designer’s minds is to fulfil the desires of the modern self-confident woman, who wants to wear her jewellery with versatility and flexibility.

Not afraid to experiment, Blumer’s catalogue of coloured stones and a wide variety of coloured metals and alloys will amaze and they don’t always stick to the rules. From traditional sapphires and emeralds, you will also find dramatic synthetic spinels and large coloured cubic zirconias.

Naturally no collection is complete without diamonds. Their latest diamond creations are inspired by the natural shape and beauty of the egg. Also known as miniature birdcages, these designs are capturing the collective imaginations around the world.

Even the best of pearls need that extra something to highlight their brilliance. Choose from the first class collection of clasps from the modest 9ct to the luxurious 18ct diamond and spoil someone special today.