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Finding the right diamond can be a daunting task and as a result, diamond certification programmes were established to allow a consumer to purchase a high quality diamond with confidence and assurance.

Auscert is a completely independent grading laboratory that aims to counteract the grade pushing of diamonds by many diamond certification houses, particularly overseas. By setting strict standards for diamond grading, Auscert ensures that people are not getting duped into buying diamonds they believe are better clarity and colour than they actually are.

Auscert abides by all internationally accepted guidelines for colour, clarity and weight grading and is not involved in the buying, selling or appraising of gems and jewellery, thus maintaining its position as an unbiased arbiter of standards.

“We are a proudly independent grading house with no affiliations to any organisation, brokers or sellers of diamonds. Designed to aid both the seller and the buyer, the Auscert Diamond Certificate allows people to buy with confidence and jewellers to sell with integrity.