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“I go to the home, talk and chat – find out what makes people tick,” he said.

“We talk about who’s going to be in the photos, what style of portrait they want, where they would like it shot and the costs of different options.

“It’s got to be an enjoyable process. The best moments are captured when people are relaxed and feeling comfortable in a place they like to hang out.

“I don’t like the studio and I don’t shoot to a plan. If I arrive at someone’s home for a shoot and a baby needs feeding or someone’s running late, that’s fine – I say to the family go ahead and do what needs doing.

“There’s an art to taking great photos of children, and sometimes I’m more like a child psychologist…take them to their favourite park, let them kick a ball, or just hang out in the backyard if that’s what they want.

“It’s a case of whatever it takes to get everyone relaxed and in a space where they can be themselves.”

Over his 26-year career, many of his clients – in various parts of the world – have become lifelong friends. So often he has photographed a couple’s wedding, then pregnancies and successive children as babies, toddlers, primary school kids and teenagers.

An immensely skilled photographer, Simon is first and foremost a people person – he loves interaction with clients and the mutual pleasure of working together.

“It’s a privilege to be let into people’s lives and capture moments in time. I love my work – it’s my profession and my passion,” he said.

Simon creates stunning visual records of people’s lives and journeys – just ask any one of his many satisfied customers.

Better still, call and arrange to meet personally, and start that conversation.