Wedding Jewellery

2017 Jewellery Design Awards

The Jewellery Design Awards is a unique new national competition, which is open to all Australian jewellers. All entries are original pieces of Australian-made and designed jewellery.

In this our inaugural year we’re excited to announce that we have received sixty entries from across Australia and the diversity in design is a diamond dealer’s delight. Our entries run the full gamut of artistry and creativity, highlighting not only technical precision and ad herence to design fundamentals but also delving deeply into the imaginat ion and inventiveness we’ve come to expect from Australia’s world-class jewellery design industry.

From an ultra-high-prestige pink diamond pendant to a remarkable ‘brick’ design ring inspired by Tasmania’s nascent beginnings as a convict penal colony, the field both fascinates and electrifies, standing aloft as a stunning catalogue of Down Under design capabilities. In the judging criteria for these awards innovation is essential, and judges will also assess pieces on their design, material choices and overall wearability.

Jewellery Design Award finalists will all be featured in the Awards Special Edition of Jewellery scheduled for release mid 2017. For now, take a moment to peruse these jewellery, feast your eyes on this year’s entries and decide which ones most take your fancy. We’re sure you too will celebrate the creative excellence of some of the leading artisans of this great industry.